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Laminate | How It's Made

Laminate  How It is Made designs
Laminate  How It is Made textures

A home consists of what's under your roof and what's under your feet. Floor coverings have a huge influence on your home and home life. They impact interior beauty, design, comfort, livability and upkeep, thus floor coverings can make or break a home. Being familiar with laminate construction helps you understand and evaluate its performance aspects: why certain laminate floors wear better and longer.

  • multitude of designs, patterns, and textures
  • four main components bonded together
    • melamine plastic backing- stability and moisture from the subfloor
    • core board for moisture resistance
    • decorative layer on top of core board
    • durable wear layer for protection, containing aluminum oxide
    • layers are combined with high/direct pressure


Step 1: stacking raw materials in large sheets

Step 2: stacks are pressed

Step 3: pressed sheets left to cool and cure, then stacked to acclimate

Step 4: cut, profile and inspect